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Beth M. Johnson


When it comes to Texas family law jurisprudence, Beth M. Johnson is the go-to attorney. For over a decade, Beth has reviewed nearly every appellate court decision impacting Texas family law. She has extensive knowledge and experience in drafting and arguing family law appeals before the Texas appellate courts, including the Texas Supreme Court.

Why call an appellate lawyer?


Beth not only has her finger on the pulse of Texas family court jurisprudence—she also has insight into how the appellate court is likely to view specific issues in your case.


When to call an appellate lawyer?


The best time to get advice is before you go to court with a summary judgment motion, response, or trial plan. But Beth is available whenever you need her—to talk through hearing and trial strategy, to draft motions and briefs, to analyze potential error in temporary and final orders, and to seek or defend your position in mandamus proceedings or on appeal.


What can Beth do for you and your family law clients?


Beth can help you create a record to support your desired outcome, and to preserve error when you need to.


Beth has extensive experience in drafting and arguing appellate briefs and she is also available to draft summary judgment motions, bills of review, bench briefs, and responsive briefs


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